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    Workplace Improvement Analyst: Create a statement for each knowledge, skill, or ability (KSA) each bullets must have a STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) format.

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    Functional Purpose: Analyzes workplace issues and collaborates with cluster leadership to develop corrective and proactive solutions; develops strategies and makes recommendations to improve organizational effectiveness and transform work culture; serves as a leader or member of local workplace improvement teams.

    1. Knowledge of organizational behavior, organization development, and organizational change theories.

    2. Knowledge of consulting and intervention methods as applied to individuals, work groups, and systems.

    3. Ability to collect and analyze data for the purpose of assessing the workplace environment.

    4. Ability to design and implement effective workplace interventions.

    5. Ability to identify training requirements and coordinate workplace improvement training programs.

    6. Ability to communicate orally and in writing, to develop and present briefings and guidance related to environment improvement issues.

    7. Ability to manage projects, including developing plans and timelines, determining resource requirements, assigning tasks, evaluating progress, providing technical guidance and feedback, and reporting results.

    A statement for each knowledge, skill, or ability (KSA) each bullets must have a STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) format.

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    Situation: The company division is underperforming due to misunderstanding between employees and management
    Task: make changes to improve employees' understanding of their tasks
    Action: make changes to the organizational changes in the division
    Result: better understanding by each employee what to do

    Situation: Need to figure out the current situation in the business division
    Task: Prepare a report on employees' attitudes and opinions
    Action: Consult all the ...

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    STAR for each of the seven items in bullet format.