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    Leadership goals, talents, skills and abilities

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    Answer the following questions:

    ? Were you able to allow yourself time to reflect on your leadership goals?
    ? What challenges did you encounter? How were you able to move beyond them?
    ? What did you learn about yourself and your leadership talents, skills, and abilities that you did not know before?

    Answer the following questions:

    ? What new insights do you have on effective leadership?
    ? How does balance enter into the capacity of an effective leader?
    ? What are your thoughts on putting your leadership plan into action?

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    //In the following report we are going to learn about what I have learned about leadership, how I have encountered the challenges, which I faced while reflecting on my leadership skills. First we will learn how I have made reflection on my leadership skills. We will also learn about effective leadership. Further, we will learn about how an effective leader can bring balance in his leadership.//


    Reflection on my Leadership Goals

    After learning all kinds of leadership styles and temperaments, I gave myself enough time to understand my leadership goals. I tried to reflect on my leadership style and what kind of goals as a leader I would like to pursue. It was a very enlightening activity for me. It is very important for everyone to understand what goals they will like to pursue as a leader and what way they would like to move towards. Once I did this activity, I could integrate all my ideas, which will help me in future to grow. Again, it will prove very helpful as from time to time, I will be able to take assistance from them, whenever I get struck in pursuing my goals.

    Challenges and overcoming them

    I faced a few challenges while planning my leadership goals. It was a little difficult because I had many plans with me which I wished to pursue in future, and I was not able to understand how I should relate them to each other. Therefore, I was puzzled. When I started reflecting on my plans for future, I realized that there are many objectives which I wish to accomplish. It was very difficult to decide whether I should take up only one objective from them or should I pursue all one by one. Therefore, I started prioritizing my tasks which I wished to accomplish so that I could accomplish all my tasks as according to their importance, although this method might take a lot of time, and I might end up taking wrong decisions.

    Finally, I thought that ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1393 words with references.