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    Analysis of the Impact of Standardized Testing

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    How do issues of standardized testing affect students, learning, and the field of education?

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    Implications for testing in an educational setting include a lowering of teacher expectations due to a test preparation focus in the classroom. Teachers are stripped of their professional ability to provide individualized instruction to their students. Instead they are asked to give blanket instruction intended to prepare students to perform well on a specific test. Differentiated instruction is severely hampered when teachers are required to "teach to the test". Rigorous curriculum intended to engage students is not prioritized above performance on a test developed by large corporations and politicians (not teachers).

    Student creativity is hampered by standardized testing as well. Higher level ...

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    This solution discusses the various effects that standardized testing has had and continues to have on the field of education. Additionally, this solution includes a complete list of reference sources for further investigation of the topic.