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    Business Communication: Building a Tip Sheet

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    I am to build a tip sheet and I am not good at finding strengths or weaknesses about myself. So here is a little about me, I wasn't sure if you could help me put it together:

    Not good with grammar or punctuation. My spelling is very good. I tend to use too many words. I suppose my tone can be too formal sometimes. I think my clarity is good but suppose I could use some work. I am not sure of my style.

    I think my academic and formal writing is both done well. I suppose my audience reacts ok? Never really spoke to an audience. I think I am being perceived in a business manner. I use good grammar when speaking. Sometimes I talk fast, but I did take a speech class which helped me overcome that. My volume was good, I was loud and clear. I don't think I use too many words when speaking try to keep it short, yet to the point. I am a good listener. I usually let others speak first. It depends on what I am doing if I speak too much or not enough. I believe once I learned to slow down the clarity was good. Sometimes my tone is more nervous, but I would have to say that with the public speaking class that got better as well. When speaking in a meeting or class if it is a topic I know well I am fine, otherwise, I get nervous. Formal presentations make me nervous, probably because I have never done one. I am more outgoing in social settings, tend to clam up in formal ones. If nervous my audience can see that. I am not sure how they perceive me. Can you help at all?

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    Based on the information you provided I am certain that there are many people who have the same issues as it relates to developing a personal analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. It is my belief that creating a bio or expanding upon your own personal attributes are by far the most difficult to write.

    The strengths gathered from your brief synopsis:

    - I have strong interpersonal abilities. I tend to gravitate towards people and find that I am most comfortable in a social environment.
    - I am a courteous and active listener. I afford anyone I come ...

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