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    Sales and Marketing Career Path & Tip Sheet

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    Consider the top 2-3 careers in Sales or Marketing you would like to enter one day. Do some research at places like Monster and compile some data for each of these career paths. In particular, collect salary information, experience and degree requirements, and benefits offered. There may be other issues like geography that are important to you as well.

    Write a report inclusive of the data you collected to determine which career path might best meet your personal requirements, and to which you best "fit." Be sure to use the appropriate fundamentals for presenting data. Beyond this conclusion you should consider what you must continue to do to reach this "ideal" position. Remember to organize the data logically (tables, graphs, appendices etc.).

    Create a tip sheet, containing 15-20 tips, regarding Internet sites which are helpful in career and job search research.

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    I am interested in pursuing a career in sales and marketing or advertising. The opportunity for this career is growing, with finding the right sales talent one of the biggest concerns facing sales organizations today, according to Profit Magazine. (Weese, 2012). There are many types of sales positions, however, I am focused on working for a company that is involved in advertising sales or marketing/advertising as a manager. To this end, I wanted to compare the two occupations. Below is a chart based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012):

    Advertising Sales Agent
    2010 Median Pay $43,350 per year
    Entry Level Education High school diploma
    Work Experience Limited
    On the Job Training Moderate term on the job training
    Number of Jobs 2010 160,400
    Job Outlook 2010-20 13% (about as fast as average)
    Employment Change 2010-20 20,900

    Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers
    2010 Median Pay $108,260 per year
    Entry Level Education Bachelor's degree
    Work Experience 1 to 5 years
    On the Job Training None
    Number of Jobs 2010 216,800
    Job Outlook 2010-20 14%
    Employment Change 2010-20 29,400

    Based on this information, I was able to focus my job search more. I determined that a bachelor's degree is required for most advertising and marketing management positions. A relevant course of study is important, so classes should include marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication, and business or management. Completing an internship while in school would be recommended to get experience. Advertising and marketing managers typically have prior work experience in advertising, public relations or sales.

    I also considered the position of sales manager, but determined that this position also need work experience.

    In both cases, analytical, communication, customer service and managerial skills were listed as important.

    In looking at particular jobs, I started with a job that particularly appealed to me, SMB sales manager for Google (http://www.crunchboard.com/opening/detailjob .php?jid=14722). For this particular job, a bachelor's degree or 4 years of online sales, business development ...

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    This detailed solution collects salary information, experience and degree requirements, as well as benefits offered for a sales and marketing career. It includes lots of APA references, as well as a tip sheet giving helpful Internet sites for career and job search research.