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    Three hospitality career opportunities

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    Discuss three hospitality career opportunities (Hotel GM, Hotel Front Office Manager, Hotel Catering Sales Manager) and address the following and use 2 references:

    *Intro-Describe each one of the identified careers.
    *Identify the different characteristics and traits needed for each career.
    *Outline a career path for each of the identified careers.

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    Hospitality Careers


    Hospitality Careers are diversified, challenging, and need a "special kind" of person to fill the job position. There are many different job positions with job responsibilities all their own. A few that will be covered in this paper are Hotel General Manager, Hotel Front Office Manager, and Hotel Catering Sales Manager. Each has their very own personality with the position and are defined as follows:

    â?¢ Hotel General Manager
    The Hotel General Manager is normally in charge of all the departments in the hotel and all the personnel relative to that department. The priority is for the General Manager to make sure the customer service is prompt, courteous, and satisfying for the customer.

    â?¢ Hotel Front Office Manager
    The Hotel Front Office Manager is "responsible for supervising all duties of the front desk. They are also a liaison for all interdependent communications, requiring excellent communications and leadership skills (Higgins, January 2011)." The responsibilities of the manager are to take care of all the activities and duties of the front desk, guest services, the concierge, and baggage services. Front office managers also take care of training and scheduling of shifts (Higgins, January 2011).

    â?¢ Hotel Catering Sales Manager
    The Hotel Catering Sales Managers "are an integral part of generating revenue for the $5 ...

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