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Front and Back of House Operational Support; Career Opportunity

Question #1- What is the difference between front of the house and back of the house operational support? How do they work together to create a successful hospitality organization? How do these operational support systems affect profitability?

Question #2- What is an example of a career opportunity within the hospitality industry? What skills and personality traits are important in this career field? What are some of the strategies that management might use to help their employees develop these skills and traits?

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Hospitality Questions
Question 1
Front of the house and back of the house are designations of space or areas where different things happen or occur. In hospitality environments, housekeeping may have a whole floor as an area to cover whereas the maids may have individual rooms to take care of. Housekeeping may have guests right there all the time watching what they are doing in the hallways, stairwells, and kitchen. The maids are strictly the rooms and there is a set manner of taking care of those rooms. The maids may see the guests for a very short period of time or not at all. Guests usually know the maid will come to clean up the room and they want to be out of the room while this is going on (Goffman 1959).
The back of the house standard is usually housekeeping who clean everything everywhere. ...

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The solution discusses the difference between front of the house and back of the house operational support and career opportunity.