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Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Employees

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View the video "Attracting and Retaining Employees". Steve Wynn and Terry Semel are interviewed in this clip from "CEO Exchange". Wynn is the Las Vegas real estate developer responsible for widely recognized casino resorts such as The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn and Encore. Semel is a past CEO of Warner Bros. and Yahoo! They are highly qualified to answer the question "what programs do you have to attract, hire and retain people from the aging workforce?" Wynn and Semel explain how the many divisions in the hospitality industry that allow employees unique opportunities for career development and avoid boredom.

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1.Do Wynn's comments on the opportunities in his hotels seem to indicate that the employer or employee is responsible for career development?
2.After taking a look at the elements of Career Development, which ones seem to be present at Yahoo! and the Wynn properties?
3.Wynn and Semel are very close in age. What is your impression of the Career Stage each is currently in? Are they in the same place? Why or why not?

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Responsible for Career Development
In the given video clip, the comment of Wynn indicates that in the hospitality industry, career development is a combined effort by both employees and employers. With the help of combine efforts, employees receive effective environment and opportunities that helps them to develop their career in the industry as well as skills and knowledge in the personal and professional life (Kroth & Christensen, 2009). In the statement, Wynn stated that an employee comes and retains in the company because of effective environment that includes sensitiveness and caring environment (Snagit). It helps the employees to interact with the other employees and management that supports an employee to develop its career. It also helps in the development of personal life and standards.
It is identified that in some manner, the employer is also responsible for developing the opportunities for career development. Employers establish effective rules and regulations and motivate employees to use these rules and regulation in developing career opportunities in the organization. Employers are also responsible to create effective environment and culture that motivate employees for continuous learning. In today's business scenario, most of the employers also develop the plan in order to support employees in their career growth and to develop the skills and knowledge in order to provide best opportunities to grow in the market (Burke & Cooper, 2005). On the other hand, employees are also responsible for its career development opportunities.
It is found that employees are the basic drivers to maintain an effective environment and culture within the organization. Through the personal and professional behavior, employees develop effective and sustainable relationships with the other employees and management of the organization. It helps them to build up career opportunities within and outside of the organization. Personal satisfaction is also one of the effective factors that help in developing career opportunities ...

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