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    Management Challenges and Concerns Report

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    Assume you are working on HRM responsibilities at either a real or fictitious organization and you have been asked to join a committee to present a report on management challenges. Assume you have been working on the committee for a few months and you are now about to present a report to the committee: This report must clearly outline the top two HR challenges you have identified, your assessment of the possible causes or reasons for these challenges, and your proposed plan for addressing them.

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    The enclosed attachment contains the two challenges.

    One of the greatest challenges in human resource management today is attracting and
    retaining the right talent. Though many human resource departments rely on a variety of media and
    communications tools to find talented workers, finding the best candidate seems to be elusive. Often a
    candidate is hired, based on credentials and experience, only to discover that the selected candidate is
    not working out. One of the reasons seemingly good employees do not work out is that the
    organization may be too narrowly focused on the candidate's fit for the organizational culture, rather
    than a more balanced combination of characteristics. Many firms use tools such as character
    assessments because "this tool narrows the selection to people who think the same way we do"
    (Business Insight Technologies, 2011). While it is smart to assess potential candidates for personal
    character, it is equally important to communicate the expectations and potential for career growth,
    as this is an important factor in retaining skilled workers.
    To address ...

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