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    Restaurant Industry

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    Please choose a venue in the hospitality industry that is of most interest, covering the below topics.

    1) how technology is utilized in the venue,
    2) career opportunities within the venue,
    3) marketing strategies within the venue,
    4) how positive and poor customer service can affect consumer behavior within the venue,
    5) the importance of competent communication and decision making in the venue, and
    6) how the concept of control is used in the venue.

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    1) how technology is utilized in the venue,

    In reference to 21st century technology that is utilized in the Restaurant Industry, many new trends have emerged including front-facing technology or guest-facing technology. This new technology has been effective in enabling businesses to directly interact with customers on electronic devices and programs. The restaurant is capable of eliminating customer downtime and this is important because tables are able to become available to other patrons faster, which equates to more business and more money for the restaurant. In addition, employees benefit from this technology because it reduces and limits the amount of mistakes and errors associated with wrong orders that are taken by employees, which can decrease labor costs thus increasing profit margins. Many restaurants are incorporating front facing technology into their establishments to allow diners to pay for orders electronically because this can eliminate the need for these customers to wait in line. Tabletop ordering and payment screens are also being used by restaurants.

    2) career opportunities within the venue,

    The restaurant industry has many career opportunities that can lead to long-term salaried positions as nine of 10 salaried restaurant employees begin their ...

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    The expert chooses a venue in the hospitality industry that is of most interest, covering multiple topics.