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    Restaurant Industry: Standard and Poor's Industry Survery

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    Locate a Standard and Poor's Industry Survey. Summarize the Industry including:
    - Industry trends and statistics
    - Leaders in this market
    - How the current economy is impacting this industry

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    Industry: Restaurants

    The restaurant industry, after a slow start in early 2010, had stabilized in the second half of the year. The expected double dip in the economy and stock market corrections were completed by September, 2010 and things have moved forward. Homes and home prices have an indirect affect on restaurant sales and these were still influx at the time of the report. Unemployment figures would have to improve as well for there to be reason surety in the market.

    More people are dining out, a good sign. As sales improve, so do the prospects of jobs. In 2009, the industry faced its first annual sales decline in dollars in four decades. The expectations for 2011 were based on 2010 sales, and expected to rise by 2.5% over the 2009 sales figures. US food service industry revenues were expected to increase 2.2% to $582 billion. Expected also was menu inflation of 1%.
    Another good thing for the restaurant markets are the drop of savings by consumers. The recent high of savings rate, 5.9% had dropped in 2010 to 5.8%. This was expected to drop further in 2011 to 5.6%. The drop in savings usually ...

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