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    Developing a Business Plan Draft

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    The outline attached can be used as a guide to begin drafting a business plan.

    I also need help conducting an industry analysis for the company, including a discussion of the state of the macroeconomics industry in the last five years.

    Also establishing the financial statement structure to identify details required for the financial analysis. Do not include numbers at this point.

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    Market Analysis

    The objective of a market analysis is to decide how appealing a market is and to comprehend its progressive favorable circumstances (opportunities) and unfavorable prospects (threats) in relation to the firm's strengths and weaknesses. For example, Eat right Healthy Shop could be divided into markets for (1) individuals and (2) families. You will decide if families would make up the greatest number of consumers for lunch time of your restaurant's business, individuals making up the greater part of dinner time of your restaurant business or vice versa.

    (Insert your restaurant's name) will be running its business among the fast-casual niche of the restaurant industries in the (insert location of business operation). It will be contending with other division inside the industry (e.g., fast food, fine restaurants and Happy hour restaurants, etc.). Orlando, FL is a city that attracts tourists from all over the world and visitors from other states. (Insert your restaurant's name) will be located at a high traffic flow area (mention two or three that you know) of the city, attract consumers and higher degree of chances of high ...

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