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College Business Admin Program

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Write a paper revealing how the college business admin program will help you realize your future aspirations. Be specific and integrate personal examples when possible.




How The Business Admin Program Prepared Me To Take The Next Step Along My Career Path

How The Business Admin Program Could Be Improved To Help Others Along Their Path.

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The solution discusses a college business admin program that will help realize future aspirations.

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People pursue their education because of the intention to realize positive changes in their lives, particularly in their career path. Depending on their interests and future aspirations, they enroll in programs or courses which they feel would bring about desired changes in their lives.

It could not be denied that acquisition of a college degree require one to assume cost. Related expenditures are necessary to pay school fees and to cope with other related expenses such as book, transportation, clothing, and other related needs to be filled. These necessitate some people (e.g. parents of the students) to resort to debts and go to the extent of paying high interest or debt charges. Related to this, an expert once noted that a college education must be a path to success, not a path to bankruptcy.



A business course intends to prepare students in the corporate world or to provide them ...

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