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    Human Resources-Training and Development

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    You have been asked to develop a training program for a segment of college admin assistants - - Executive Assistants.

    Let's assume that the learning outcomes for Executive Assistants are:

    ? Technology Knowledge (Microsoft Office, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, WebEx)

    ? Ability to process system requests (HR, Budget, Curriculum, Student)

    ? Customer Service skills (students, faculty, other internal departments, external clients)

    ? Ability to multi-task

    Write a memo (essay) to your training manager, Manager Greg, outlining:

    1) two learning theories you would consider as 'best practices' - - that you would apply to this scenario (Why are they 'best practices' in this example?)

    2) three features or components of good training would you need to implement in this scenario to be successful and why

    Manager Greg is a typical executive which means he has a short attention span for training issues so the limit on your memo (essay) is 1500 words.

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    To: Manager Greg,
    From: [Name]
    Date: February 14, 2012.

    Subject: Learning theories and components of good training that need be applied in order to make the training of the college executive assistants a success.


    In view of the training program that is to be developed for the college executive assistants which requires that the learning outcomes of the program be acquisition of technology knowledge in SharePoint, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Office and WebEx, attain the ability to quickly process system requests such as curriculum development, human resource requests, or even budget requests, attain skills in customer service and be able to multitask, it is imperative that the learning theories which encompasses best practices in such training and components or features of effective training which would bring about such outcomes be analyzed in order to be able to develop a more effective training program for the executive assistants. This memo analyses these learning theories and components of effective training and how they would apply to the training of the executive assistants so as to better understand the intricacies of developing an effective training program for this lot.

    Learning theories that are best practice for training:

    There are different theories that try to explain the learning processes and how they can be applied in learning and training programs. Understanding what theories apply well in a given learning environment is imperative if learning is to be attained by the people being trained. After careful evaluation of the training outcomes that the executive assistants are supposed to possess, two key theories arrived at which are best practice for training this group are Facilitation theory and experiential theory.

    Facilitation theory is a theory first developed by Carl Rogers where he ...

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