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    Human Resources-Training & Development

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    Your task is to develop a short draft of a training presentation introducing new trainers to the HRD field.

    Please note that I use HRD (Human Resource Development) and T & D (Training and Development) and L & D (Learning and Development) as pretty much synonymous terms. I understand that training is an event and learning is a process but I'm old school and perceive it as falling under one umbrella - - HRD.

    Scenario: The new trainers are recent college graduates with no corporate training experience. The information for your presentation is in the first two chapters of Noe. Since you do not have time to cover everything in those chapters in your presentation, you should focus on the five ideas/concepts that you consider most important for them to learn. The topics will increase their effectiveness in the organization.

    The guidelines for your essay are - - you can select only five and your essay should be less than 1,950 words. I will use the grading rubric in the course content section along with your persuasiveness, logic, analytical/critical thinking ability and how well your material fits the audience to evaluate your performance.

    When you refer to Noe in the body of the essay, you can use something like (Noe, p.1) You do not need to include Noe in your bibliography at the end of the essay. This will save you some time. Also, I do not need a fancy title page. You can just put your name at the top of the first page and give me great ideas. I am evaluating how well you synthesize information and present it. That is the essence of T & D.

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