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Human Resource Management Job Descriptions

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At our college, there are several varieties of administrative assistants and they do a variety of tasks. There are regular administrative assistants and there are senior executive administrators. Assistants have some others in-between, all with basically the same job description. The reason for the job description of HR was on a whim last year to reduce the number of job descriptions in the organization by combining similar jobs.

My question is, after looking at their job descriptions and interviewing them, suppose you discover that their job is so varied that it is almost impossible to put together a program that addresses everyone's needs. How would you handle that?

This is related to human resources management, thanks

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If I was the HR manager that was looking at the Administrative Assistants jobs, and after interviews I found that their responsibilities are so varied that being under one job description is not applicable I would consider other ways to combine them. Maybe what would be best is to create a category, for instance Admin Assistants. In order to reduce the number of job descriptions and keep things simple while still including everything I would have a general job description of what all Admin Assistants did no matter their level. Then under that I would have the additional responsibilities of the different Admin levels. ...

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Writing a job description is a difficult task. It should be done with great detail to ensure the applicants know what will be expected of them. Below is an outline for how to write a job description for an HR position.

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