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    Human Resource: Job Study at Dirt Finder after a Tsunami

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    Job Study at Dirt Finder

    About six months ago a tsunami ripped through a town where the Dirt Finder Professional Vacuum Cleaner Company is located. About one-third of the organization's 200 employees were left homeless. The firm has since made contact with a majority of those employees and learned that they either plan to leave the area, retire or both.

    The organization was built upon the expertise of its employees and has no formal job descriptions. Everyone just did what needed to be done. With about 65 people to hire, there will be mass confusion if no one knows what to do.

    You started working for Dirt Finder two months after the disaster. Although only a small section of the facility received water damage, your HRM department has its own work to do. You knew when you were hired that job descriptions were lacking and the project was already on your long to-do list. You intend now to devote the time needed to conduct an effective job study before job descriptions and job specifications are written. How will you approach this project?

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    Cherrington (1995) defines job analysis as simply a study of jobs within the organization. It requires analysis of what an employee performs, the tools, equipment, work aids, and working conditions under which activities are performed. It is basically an answer to the question: what an employee or a job holder does and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to do it.

    This definition is confirmed by Robbins and Coulter (2003) when they defined job analysis as an assessment that defines jobs and the behaviors necessary to perform it.

    Job analysis is basically a process used to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job (http://www.ilci.com/ILC%20WEB/mdja.html).

    Job may be defined as a group of activities performed by an employee that is occupying a distinct position in an organization.

    Job analysis plays a very important role in an organization. Aside from producing two important outputs that include job description and job specification, the results of job analysis are important for human resource planning and in coming up with decisions on certain human resource functions. The information obtained would help the human resource manager starting from the recruitment of employees up to their compensation and development. Out of the results, indirectly, the following important information would be obtained:

    1. Who should be recruited and how,
    2. What screening and selection processes must be implemented in order to hire the right ...

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