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HRM issues at UniCall

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For this assignment you will need to read the Case Study located on pages 26-29 of Chapter 1 of the textbook, titled 'Call centres in the financial services sector?just putting you on hold...'. After reviewing your assigned reading and the information presented in the case study, answer the following questions:

1-Identify and assess the key HRM issues at UniCall.
2-Recommend and justify HRM interventions that would improve business performance

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1. The key HR issues at UniCall are that employees are feeling anxiety, discontent, and insecurity about their jobs. In addition, there are no incentives for the employees to be productive. The performance management is non-existent. The training for new recruits is inadequate. The level of job satisfaction is low. Also the employees feel resentment at being monitored closely.

2. HRM ...

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The answer to this problem explains the role of performance management in employee productivity . The references related to the answer are also included.