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The Process of Creating a Presentation

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Imagine you are the president of your Associated Students Organization (ASO). At the next meeting of your ASO, the group will discuss preparations for a job fair in the spring. The group will hear reports from committees working on speakers, business recruiters, publicity, reservations of campus space, setup of booths, and any other relevant matters. You need to lead the meeting.
Instructions 1.Create a five-slide presentation for the meeting using what you learned in the Lessons. Make sure to follow the guidelines below:

•Your presentation should include a meeting agenda appropriate for a large group and a short period of time.
•Also include slides that correspond to your agenda—slides for the different committees and their agendas, for example.
•Add visuals and audio as appropriate.
In addition, compose your introductory remarks to open the meeting and place them in your presentation software's "notes" section. As you do so, keep your audience in mind as well as the best practices you've learned.
2.Describe how you prepared the presentation, and how you catered it to your specific audience.

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As a person who is very experienced in Public Speaking, it is my pleasure to assist you with this assignment. First of all, when approaching this assignment, keep in mind it is in two parts: Creating a presentation and write about the process of creating the presentation. It is common to focus so much on creating the presentation that the other part of the assignment directions gets forgotten or overlooked.

I ...

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