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    Steps for creating a presentation

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    Drawing on ideas from your own experiences in preparing and delivering presentations, compose a set of instructions on how to prepare and deliver an oral presentation to a live audience, that is, not for a presentation to be recorded for download. Follow these guidelines in writing your instructions.

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    I have provided basic steps to creating and doing a presentation. Please add the notes and information from your class to make it acceptable for the assignment. I also provided an example of an acceptable slide for presentation for you to add if needed. I would place it after #5.

    Enclosed is a basic presentation planning tool for employees to use. This template can be used for presentation planning or presenting information to others. Please feel free to use it as the basic information for creating presentations and as a refresher for those who already have expertise in this area. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or your supervisor.

    Presentation basics:
    There are steps to creating a presentation and steps to doing a presentation that when understood and practiced can make your presentations interesting and fun.
    1. Gather all the materials and information needed to present the information. This may include:
    a. Computer
    b. Documents
    c. Technical specs
    d. Flow charts and other presentation charts and graphs
    e. Target audience information to ...

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    Some basic steps for creating a presentation. Information about overall presentation steps only, no instructions on creating PP.