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    You've been informed that a new, less seasoned salesperson is joining the team. To bring her up-to-par on creating sales presentations, the senior salespeople need to provide training.

    * What is benefit selling?
    * What constitutes an effective sales presentation?

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    //In this paper, we will mainly discuss about the present scenario of the 'Marketing'. This section also explains how important an effective marketing is, in the competitive environment. As per directions, we will also talk about the meaning of the 'Benefit selling'. So, first of all, we will discuss about the concept. //

    In the present scenario, Marketing is considered to be a significant and integral part of an organization. There are various forms of marketing, for instance integrated marketing, advertising, sales promotion etc. Benefit selling is also an important form of marketing done by the organization. It can be defined as exhibiting the benefits of the product rather than listing its features. This powerful sales tool has been known from many decades (Marketing and Benefit Selling, 2007).

    The ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 385 words with references.