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    Creating an employee survey: CF&F Employee Survey

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    5-7 slides with speaker notes; 300-500 words for discussion


    The CEO has asked the Vice President of Human Resources to have the HR team to put together a CF&F Employee Survey that would assess the level of employee engagement. The CEO and Vice President believe that engaged employees are productive, innovative, and take ownership of results, thereby creating and sustaining a competitive advantage for the organization.

    This project is very important to the CEO. He has addressed several issues over the past two years and has made many changes throughout the company. He believes that most of the employees have embraced the cultural change that the company has adopted, but not every employee has fully supported all the changes, and there is still some resistance.

    The purpose for this survey is to diagnose the level of resistance within the company and identify areas that employees are not supporting.

    Consider concepts you have learned to date and do additional research on change management/resistance to change.

    First, on your own, present to the rest of the HR team (your small group) a sample of the survey you would design, following these directives: The presentation should include the purpose of the survey, a complete layout of the survey, who will administer the survey, an outline of any anticipated results of the survey, and best methods of team communication of your findings both to management and employees.

    Changing an organization's culture requires every employee to embrace change. Include recommendations to management in your presentation regarding steps that should be taken to move every employee to embrace change for the benefit of the company and employees.

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    There are several reasons in literature that gives us reasons for change. These include fears as to whether the employee will be able to master the skills required for the new job. For instance, the person may be taught how to use a computer, but he may not know how to type. His position in the company may be at stake. Further, he may fear that he will not receive fair treatment at the hands of the management. He may be penalized in the future for reasons beyond his control. The employees are concerned that their position in the company may not improve, not only that the employees may be afraid that their prospects for growth and promotion may suffer. For example, after the ...

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    In an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and approximately 400 words of text, this solution provides reasons for change in a company and how this can be both negatively and positively accepted. Ways to manage and prevent resistance through the use of a survey is also provided.