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    Business Research Problem Analysis

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    Examine a business problem confronting an organization that could be addressed through the application of business research principles. Begin by evaluating three possible outcomes to the research problem. Then, create an operational definition of the research problem and identify the constructs for the operational definition of the selected problem. Next, identify the benchmarks used to measure the constructs. After that, compare expected outcomes to the operationalized definition. Finally, outline a business research process for addressing or finding a solution to the selected problem.

    Employee Turnover/Reasons for Voluntary Separation

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    Business Problem Research: Employee Turnover

    Since its incorporation in 1980, ABC International has been emerging as an international market leader in plumbing and hardware supplies. ABC's success can be attributed to its commitment to quality, service and care. ABC firmly believes that what makes them a leader in the industry is not only because of the exceptional products it sells but primarily for its talented and hardworking associates who make it all happen.
    The Human Resources Department has recently observed a spike in the employee turnover. For the past year, ABC has been experiencing an increase in employees voluntarily separating from the organization. Management believes that the three possible reasons why this problem exists are:
    - Dissatisfaction with compensation & benefits package
    - Management issues including the administration of policies and procedures
    - No career advancement
    ABC feels that without its talented and dedicated employees, it will not be as successful and effective as it has been the past several years. Management has decided ...

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