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Marketing Research Project

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The Course Project is a research report you prepare based on theoretical live research. To complete this project, you will work through the Six Steps of the Marketing Research Process as listed.

No minimum word or page requirements.

Step 1: Problem Definition - Select a research problem you would like to address. This can be something relevant career, personal life or some other subject of concern.

Step 2: Development of an Approach to the Problem - formulate your research objectives and strategy.

Step 3: Research Design Formulation -design your questionnaire.

Step 4: Fieldwork or Data Collection - theoretically administer your survey to at least 20 people. Administer your research instrument in person, by email, or by any other method you choose.

Step 5: Data Preparation and Analysis -analyze your data and relate what you have learned from your research to the marketing research problem you have identified.

Step 6: Report Preparation and Presentation -Prepare a report on your marketing research that conforms to the format specified:
1. Table of Contents

2. Executive Summary
a. Major Findings
b. Conclusions
c. Recommendations

3. Problem Definition
a. Background to the problem
b. Statement of the problem

4. Approach to the Problem

5. Research Design
a. Type of research design
b. Information needs
c. Data collection from secondary sources
d. Data collection from primary sources
e. Scaling techniques
f. Fieldwork

6. Data analysis
a. Methodology
b. Plan of data analysis

7. Results

8. Limitations and caveats

9. Conclusions and recommendations

10. Exhibits
a. Questionaire and forms
b. Statistical output
c. Lists

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The expert examines marketing research projects. The development of an approach to problems are determined.

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Hope you are well.

In creating a solid marketing plan, the targeted product or service industry should reflect within the sections of the research the identified problems within the concept for promoting the brand. By doing so, the marketing research plan is more proactively in identifying the variety of options or plan of action to increasing the brand identity towards enhanced brand equity. Lets' take a look at each section on how to define and illustrate a plan of action for designing an effective marketing research plan:

By using a sample product: Mobile Book Reader

-Step 1: Problem Definition - Select a research problem you would like to address. This can be something relevant to your career, personal life or some other subject of concern.

Defining a product problem, such as Mobile Book Reader, can entail the challenges of working for companies that only provide limited acquired expenses when employees are required to extend working hours reading reports. In the fast changing work environment, employees are constantly required to continue working by reading additional reports or analysis on documents while not in the office. The cost associated with acquiring the mobile device and /or downloaded charges through a third party can pass along to the employee depending on the actual company. Thus, the problem for fair application to any charges or acquiring device should always be that of the company seeking extended hours for using such a device.

Try and identify the ...

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