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Six Step Marketing Research Process

This solution briefly describes the marketing research process. What are the major steps in a research project and what activities are carried out under each step. The role of marketing research in a company's MIS system is also covered here.

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I will only identify the major steps of marketing research process and you have to put the details yourself.

A. Marketing Research Process

1. Identify the Research Problem: Marketing research process begins with a clear definition of the research problem, that is, what exactly needs to be studied and what is the purpose of the research. What decisions we would like to make based on the findings of the research project. This first step is quite critical for the success of the whole project as it puts everything on the right track from the beginning. Particularly when an external party is conducting research for you, there must be an agreement between the marketing team and the research team as to what exactly is the issue at hand. In order to arrive at the real problem, an exploratory study or some qualitative research may be required.

2. Determine the Research Approach: At this stage you address issues such as broad and specific objectives of research, definition of hypothesis and what kind of research will be required, that ...

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Marketing research is a six step process incluidng the following:
1. Identify the research problem
2. Determine the research approach
3. Research design
4. Research execution and administration
5. Data analysis
6. Research report