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    Research Writing for a Springboard Project

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    I am majoring in International Business and I need a good topic and research paper for the CAPSTONE PROJECT that i have to engage in later in my Research Writing program (or very soon!). Thus, this research project ought to act as a springboard for that project. My professor asked us to please consider contemporary research ideas and avoid trite and overused ones (global warming, abortion, health insurance, "going green").

    She says to take some time to consider what it that we would like to write about for your research paper. To identify our purpose, audience, information that will be relevant to our argument, possible objections to our argument, and the limitations to our topic being fully explored (this does not include personal challenges. This paper must be argumentative, so i have to be sure to choose something i can effectively argue and support.


    In preparation for the Research Paper you will need to submit a proposal of your intended research project. Please provide the following information:

    (1) Your specific topic.
    (2) A brief abstract (about 100-125 words). Explain what you specifically will argue. State this in third person only. You should have an easily identifiable thesis and three support elements in the abstract.
    (3) A thesis and three possible support elements to the problem that can be explored through research.
    (4) Location and Types of resources
    (5) Challenges to the research (50-75 words).

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    My topic choice would be the value of sustainability beyond the marketing advantages.

    2. Green and sustainability are buzzwords in business now. They are often used to create excitement both internally and externally for the company. Often the marketing aspect for the stakeholders is more important that any sustainable plan as part of the strategic plan. The sustainability is important and a necessary part of the strategy of the company.

    Sustainability is the blueprint for creating and sustaining ...

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