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HR Perspective: How to Increase Job Satisfaction

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As human resource staff, what advice do you offer a supervisor/manager to increase job satisfaction?

This solution provides an example for gathering quick data on job satisfaction from employees by conducting a brief survey, including two sample questions - and what employee responses will reflect. Such surveys may indicate employee issues on topics such as shift schedules.

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The consultation to the supervisor or manager on how to increase job satisfaction would begin by inquiring what they perceive as issues. If the supervisor has identified issues, such as shift start and end times, I would assist in brainstorming solutions. I would coach the supervisor in deciphering if staggered shift schedules is an option; while still ensuring the appropriate level of work is still being accomplished. If it were not feasible for all employees to change ...

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This solution is about 300 words and includes a reference. From a human resource perspective, quick, effective employee surveys can provide a baseline of job satisfaction - and provide insight on what should change.

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