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Human Resource practices as they affect a company

Can you explain how HR systems relate to business strategy and ultimately to the performance of the firm. Provide an example of how specific factors can influenced HR practices in an organization (If you don't have an organization to reflect from, provide two examples of corporate factors and the corresponding HR practices they would influence)

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Following is a discussion about HR factors involved in hiring practices, employee turnover, training and job satisfaction.

High employee turnover is a management problem, not an employee problem. Surveys conducted about why employees leave their jobs center on

? Want better compensation and benefits (53 percent).
? Are dissatisfied with their potential career development (35 percent).
? Are ready for new experiences (32 percent).


Although the pay package is shown as the most frequent reason for leaving, lack of job satisfaction is probably where the thoughts about changing jobs begin. All employees want to be valued for their contribution to the organization and want to ...

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The 500+ word solution (including a reference) presents a comprehensive example of hiring practices, employee turnover, training and job satisfaction to demonstrate how HR systems impact a company.