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Human Resources in Psychological Practices

What types of human resource issues are likely to affect a psychological practice? How might they be resolved/addressed?

Provide at least three references.

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There is a special relationship that exists between a psychologist and the organization. In effect, there is an implied contract between the two parties that contains a set of unwritten expectations between employees and their respective employers. Human resource management practices certainly influence the what that a psychologist within an organization view his or her role. It is a unique relationship because a psychologist must balance their own beliefs and theories in their chosen field with the unique needs and requests of the organization that they have chosen to serve. As such, it is quite common that the implied contract just mention evolves over time as the psychologist and organization learn better to accommodate each other.

Recent years have seen a plethora of changes within the business environment as a result of the increasingly global and competitive nature of organizations the world over. Because of this, organizations are increasingly looking for new ways to maximize their ability to survive and to enhance their performance. One area that many organizations are turning to in order to accomplish this objective is to implement the use of human resource management practices to develop a sort of psychological contract that is designed to directly improve their performance. Businesses have long understood that the people ...