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    Leadership and management: project management and organizations

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    You work as a project manager for the IT department at your company, a supplier of customized management software packages for the oil industry. Your company is in the process of a big expansion, and the IT department will assume project management responsibility for supporting this growth. While the company does IT projects for its customers, the IT department focuses on company infrastructure.

    Lets say that your company is a dynamic organization that depends on a near-constant series of projects to keep its IT infrastructure in alignment with its business goals, including such aspects as maintaining state-of-the-art communications with customers and with staff in the field. Senior executives are thinking about instituting a formal program management office to oversee the improvement of its project management processes and provide project management training for staff. The board is aware that industry thinking has been in a state of flux over the last few decades, the board has asked you to develop a white paper on the important considerations relating to its IT department's managerial and leadership positions in project management.
    Discuss how current views on leadership and management relate to project management in this organizational context.
    Integrate information from several sources.

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    I have outlined a response and provided three references that have the best overall writing on the subject that I could find. There is a lot of room for adding examples and additional information about projects, management, leadership, and goals.

    Leadership and management are considered keys to successful organizations and the integration of projects into the company. Leadership must be found within the organizational structure, and in the project leadership. Every aspect of a project has to integrate into the goals and objectives of company and move the company toward continued success. Current studies show this is still a focus for researchers and company leaders.

    Every company, academy, university and consultant has their own ideas about what models are successful and what works to make management and leadership successful (Clarke, 2009). Finding the models or processes is an easy exercise, but implementing them ...

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    How leadership and management work within both the organization and project management.