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Improving quality in information technology

Discuss three suggestions for improving information technology project quality.

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For ensuring good project quality, quality planning, quality assurance and quality control are adopted. In addition there other important parameters which help in improving quality of information technology projects. Some of the factors which can improve quality of project include:
1. Understanding cost of quality
2. Establishing leadership that promotes quality
3. Focus on organizational influences and workplace factors that affect quality
4. Following maturity models
Understanding cost of quality
Cost of quality is the most widely used term in information technology projects which is also the most misinterpreted term. It does not mean total cost of producing quality product of service. It includes any cost that could have been saved if quality were perfect contributes to cost of quality. Quality costs include:
Prevention costs: These are costs associated with designing products or services to prevent poor quality. Examples of this cost are new product review, quality improvement projects, Quality ...

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