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    Organization leadership problems

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    For each of the following questions please provide a paragraph or two that addresses the information requested.

    1.) Explain the role of leadership, business strategy, and metrics in moving from transactional to transformational leadership.

    2.) Analyze factors that facilitate organizational alignment.

    3.) Identify the role service organizations play in transformation.

    4.) Identify the drivers of environmental sustainability.

    5.) Write mission, vision, and value statements that incorporate sustainability.

    6.) Describe the impact and benefit of ISO 14000.

    7.) Analyze the environmental factors that impact EMS planning.

    8.) Outline the components of the EMS plan.

    9.) Identify the structure and requirements of ISO 14001.

    10.) Design an EMS measurement system.

    11.) Determine recycling strategies for disposed products.

    12.) Describe the ISO certification process.

    13.) Describe the relationship between sustainability and total quality.

    14.) Analyze the impact of a sustainability program on stakeholders.

    15.) Create a plan for sustainable transformation and restoration.

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    Management Concepts

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    Transactional to Transformational Leadership
    Transactional leadership style is positive and practical in nature. Transactional leadership concentrates on extrinsic motivation like wages, salary, bonus, profit sharing, medical reimbursement, etc. for the performance of the tasks. On the other hand, transformational leadership make use of charismatic methods to attract the employees. Transformational leaders motivate employees in such way so that they perform or achieve the target without any deviations (Mathis & Jackson, 2006).
    For converging a transaction leadership into transformational leadership requires leadership, business strategy and metrics as all these aspects will enable an organization in altering their approach towards employees. Effective leadership that concentrates more on the intrinsic motivation like appraisal, praise, status, job security and job enlargement along with peculiar business strategy is required as it will guide the transformation in an appropriate manner. Metrics will help executives in appealing others for making use of transformation leadership.

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    Factors that facilitate Organizational Alignment
    Organizational alignment deals with the extent to which strategy, structure and culture of an organization can create an environment that in turn will facilitate the achievement of organizational goals. The concept of alignment contributes itself to the formation of high-performance work systems by explicating how the co-dependent elements of the organization can attain greater individual and collective competence and efficacy Attainment of organizational alignment depends upon particular factors like organizational structure, culture, commitment from stakeholders, management team cohesiveness, effective performance system and well directed internal and external communication (Organizational Alignment, 2009). With the help of all these factors an organization can achieve a position of organizational alignment.

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    Role of Service Organization in Transformation
    Whenever an organization adopts a strategy of transformation it experiences a tremendous change in its business operations and strategies and usually transformation is adopted for altering or modifying company's organizational policies and plans for doing or carrying out their business. Transformation example can be understood when an organization thinks of adopting advanced information technology that can be done effectively and efficiently with the help of some IT service organization.
    IT service organization will assist the company in an all-inclusive manner to transform their traditional and conventional methodologies with advanced methodologies. Without the assistance of a service organization a firm cannot attain the transformation in a prolific manner. As if it takes help from service organization which is proficient in that aspect like information technology organization can transform their methodologies in technology driven methodologies in an exclusive manner.

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    Drivers of Environmental Sustainability
    In present the concern regarding environment sustainability is increasing day by day due to some particular drivers. It is believed that environmental sustainability practices are driven by three significant conditions, which are business performance, regulation and personal perspectives (Berry & Rondinelli, 1998). Business performance depicts the practices adopted by business enterprises for going green as in present it had become a trend and the organization that does not adopt it is not concerned customer oriented. Other drivers of environmental sustainability are regulation made by governments and individuals' own concern regarding their safety of their health. All these increasing concern of government regarding the environment and health of the residents of a particular country are prominent drivers of environmental sustainability.

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    Vision, Mission & Value Statement
    Subsequent are the vision, mission and value statement of a ...

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