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    Perspective of Leadership & Minimizing Leadership Problems

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    I need help with this case study. Any help is truly appreciated with this two to three page analytical review.

    1. Which perspective of leadership best explains the problems experienced in this case? Analyze the case using concepts discussed in that leadership perspective.

    2. What can organizations do to minimize the leadership problems discussed in the case study?

    Case Study Attached.

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    In this paper, we will discuss a case study on the telephone company Profitel. The main problem was associated with the poor leadership qualities of the company's new CEO Peeters. This will be discussed in this section in a summarized manner. Peeters made various mistakes during his power. Hence, the main description will be on it.

    In the given case study, various perspectives of leadership best explain the problem. Earlier, everything was managed in a synchronized manner in Profitel. It is noticeable that Profitel was not performing well after the recruitment of its new CEO Lars Peeters. Various leadership qualities were lacking in Peeters' management strategies. These lacking leadership qualities were integrity, magnanimity, creativity, openness, assertiveness and fairness (Pringle, 2008).

    Additionally, the first mistake of Profitel's management is concerned with its wrong selection of CEO on only the basis of experience. After holding the power, Peeters' showed his dominant nature and hired two executives from the European company where he previously worked. He preferred to invest large investments in recent wireless broadband technology. He bought this broadband technology both for computer Internet and cellular telephones. But, this broadband technology did not work at all, because it was offering the worst value (The Top 10 Leadership Qualities, 2012).

    In addition to this, Peeters cut costs by reducing ...

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