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This post addresses common errors to implementing change.

Class, common errors that managers and leaders must be conscious to deliberately address early in implementing change pertains to:

- Allowing too much complacency or downtime around the change.
- Not organizing a powerful, influential change coalition.
- Minimizing the power of establishing and communicating a change vision.
- Not putting necessary components in place to move the vision forward.
- Not hitting early successes relative to the change; waiting too long for employees to see parts of the change vision come into fruition.
- Not conducting an appropriate change assessment before touting the change was successful; declaring victory too soon.
- Failing to anchor the change into the organization culture.

Are there any common errors to implementing change identified above that surprise you? Please share with us your experience with any of them, and what you learned from a leadership perspective.

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The factors mentioned above are not a surprise. One of the main problems is with #1, allowing too much complacency or downtime around the change. This is the major pitfall of change, and can actually cause the remainder of the change strategy to have to be revised based on the downtime that is created. When organizations change, the main guiding principle has to be ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion examining common errors to implementing change, including experience and what has been learned from a leadership perspective.