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Behavior and Motivation

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Hello, I need help developing a response to the following:

1. Identify a change that would improve the Orange County Jail Correctional organization. How would you go about planning and implementing the change? Include Lewin's three phases of unfreezing, changing, and refreezing (Schein) in this response.

2. Under what circumstances would managers want to emphasize autonomy with integration more than control and differentiation?

3. As theories of motivation focus primarily on explaining individual behavior. What are some of the emerging forces that suggest that group-based motivation will become important in the future?

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1. Identify a change that would improve the Orange County Jail Correctional organization. How would you go about planning and implementing the change? Include Lewin's three phases of unfreezing, changing, and refreezing (Schein) in this response.

The Orange County Jail Organization like many government entities today, is faced with budget cuts and the long-term outlook is very bleak. The greatest explosion of costs within the correctional system is in health care costs for inmates. As individuals in custody, one right each inmate is guaranteed is the right to receive healthcare. The challenge for any correctional organization becomes how to address healthcare costs. However, they still must maintain the minimum required services for inmates.

Leaders within an organization have two choices when it comes to change; you can fight change and lose, or you can lead change and win (Jacobs, 2004). There are possible changes to the system that could reduce healthcare costs. The greatest change that offers a positive dividend and could also impact the organization in a long-term manner is to ban the sale and use of tobacco products for inmates and restrict staff from smoking while on-duty at the jail campus. At its inception, this change will be unpopular with both staff and inmates. However, data suggests a definitive link between smoking and a person's overall health. This change is going to be bold and difficult to implement. Lewin's three phases of change model is a great starting point.

The first phase is the ...

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This solution describe the three steps in the change process. These are freezing, change and unfreezing. The solution is applied as a management tool for a correctional facility.

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