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    Freud's theories

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    Identify with Sigmund Freud's theories of human motivation

    Be sure to clearly illustrate how this can be seen in human behavior.

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    Freud's Theory of Motivation

    Motivation is basically involves a desire for something and performing an action to go and get it. A more scientific definition is the activation of goal-oriented behavior, or voluntary movements that are performed in order to satisfy a need. If you are hungry, you are motivated to find a piece of food. If you are cold, you will perform behaviors that will raise your body temperature, like rubbing your arms or building a fire. If a female rat is in her fertile part of the estrous cycle, she is motivated to find a male to mate with. One way to think of motivation is as a driving force for behavior which will minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure.There are two main types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. ...

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    Freud's theories are sunmmarized. The expert identifies with Sigmund Freud's theories of human motivations.