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Theories of Personality; Horney, Freud

Please list any and all references or sources you use. Please lable the Answers to the appropriate question, so I do not get confused.

1. Compare and contrast the psychodynamic theories of Freud and of Adler.

a. What are the main differences and similarities?

b. Which ideas have he most meaning for you, Freud's or Adler's, and why?

2. a. Discuss some principle ideas which have been proposed by Karen Horney

b. Compare some of Horney's ideas to those of Freud's.

c. What has Horney added to our understanding of anxiety?

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1. a. & b.

While Freud's emphasis was mostly on the inner mental and dream processes evoked primarily due to unconscious sexual desires, within the individual's mind, Alder's theory of psychodynamics focused on the motivation and the feeling of inferiority, which he felt originated in the sense of dependence and helplessness which infants experience.



2 a. & b. Compare some of Horney's ideas to those of Freud's.

Karen Horney changed the way ...

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Theories of Personality: Horney, Freud