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Psychology Help and Motivation

Do internal and external sources need to be complementary for motivation to occur? It is possible, for example, to motivate a student to obtain an A grade if he or she does not value an A grade more than a C grade? Explain your answer.

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Motivation is the reason behind behavior. In the example given, there has to be some type of motivation, either intrinsic or extrinsic, for the student to apply his or her self more to get a better grade. Behavior that ceases to be internally rewarding may cease. Jex and Britt (2008) stated, "Motivation is a hypothetical construct - we cannot see it or feel it. However, we can observe the effects or by-products that are indicative of differing levels of motivation" (p. 234). Behavior is how a person acts in response to something that stimulates the individual. Motivation and behavior are related through "factors or events that energize, channel, and sustain human ...

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