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    Benefits of a Social Psychology Theory

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    Select a social psychology theory, discussed in Fiske (2010) that you found novel, interesting, or surprising. Describe how this theory, if applied effectively, can have a beneficial effect on society.

    Reference to use:
    Fiske, S. T. (2010). Social beings: Core motives in social psychology(2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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    Hi Student,

    I am relieved that I wasn't asked to critique this work by Fiske'. I've read a lot of material by Susan Fiske; however, this is the first that I found it be this complex and the information unrelated (smile). Perhaps after a review, you could add this to your summary (e.g., limitations). Nevertheless, it was recognized that she drew on several theories. One of the concepts discussed in the work was the concept of social influence situated within core motives. I viewed these motives based on the influence by others within the Social Norms theory.

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    Social psychology theory
    (1) Select a social psychology theory, discussed in Fiske (2010) that you found novel, interesting, or surprising.

    Several theories have been presented in the literature by social psychologists focused on humans and their interaction with other humans. Research in the field of Social psychology is focused on how people influence other people (Fiske, 2010). According to Fiske, scientific examples in social psychology help to explain how thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the "active imagined, or implied presence of other human beings" (Fiske, 2010, p, 4). According to Fiske, there is a tendency to simulate the behavior others in terms of goals, attitudes, interests, etc... Fiske asserts that social influence affects behavior such as yielding the majority opinion of others over one's own judgment. In addition, according to Fiske, the terms actual imagined, and implied differ within the degree of perceived human presence.
    What's interesting is the link that Fiske (2010) provide between the individual's personal identity and situational context that is connected to social influence. In other ...

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