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HR Low Lights

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Need a short essay on "HR Low Lights for 2005 fm SHRM.doc" . Must comment on two of the HR blunders presented. You can support or refute the actions taken. Be sure to provide any references in APA format - no abstract or cover page is necessary.


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HR Low lights for 2005 shows HR blunders.

The first blunder we discuss is that of a German IT company that has banned moaning at work. This is a blunder because moaning and whining provide an easy way to relieve stress. If the management cannot relieve stress it has no right of banning moaning. Further, if stress is not relieved through relatively harmless moaning and whining it will find expression in larger number of work errors, interpersonal conflicts, and lower productivity. Moaning and whining often help the management and HR identify genuine problems and solve them before they become very big. Moaning and whining is a valuable feedback that is informally received and can prove valuable to make the workplace better for the employees and for the firm. Banning moaning and whining means a huge HR blunder.

The second blunder that we discuss is that Chrysler vehicles get prime parking. This is an HR blunder because it forces a large number of Chrysler workers to park further from their place of work and walk more. One of the functions of ...

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