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    Employee Alluding to Workplace Violence

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    You supervise a group of 10 people in a manufacturing environment. One of your direct reports, Mitch, has confided in you that his wife has left him and has filed for divorce. He has seemed depressed, often a few minutes late for work, low-energy. One of Mitch's coworkers mentioned to you that Mitch told him he "just wanted to blast everybody", and at another time he "just wanted to close the door and turn off the lights." The coworker is concerned about Mitch.

    What should I do?

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    In this case, Mitch seems to be unstable and depressed which is not a good combo for workplaces. He doesn't seem to be angry although his comments are hinting at violence. The first thing to do here is to go the HR department and report the information. They have a protocol to follow and they ...