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    Violence at work - Westide Health System

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    Please read the case provided in the link below (pages 257-263) and then answer the 3 questions below with 4-6 pages in length.

    1. If you were Maryanne, what actions would you take and why?
    2. In light of this incident, should West-side change any of its "standards of behavior policies" or " Corrective action policies"? Explain.
    3. How can West-side prevent future incidents of workplace violence?


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    1. If you were Maryanne, what actions would you take and why?

    If I were Maryanne, I would speak with both individuals involved in the incident to understand what happened, on an individual basis. After that, I would speak with their immediate supervisor to find out what information he/she is aware of. I would ask their supervisor when he/she learned of the incident and what actions were taken to resolve the situation. Thereafter, I would speak with a few of the co-workers.

    After speaking with all parties involved, I would then meet with the two employees that were fighting together. I would advise both of them that the actions taken by each were unacceptable and would not be tolerated in the future. After the meeting, I would ensure that I sent a detailed Memorandum to each employee of the business to advise of the policies against workplace violence. This would ensure that each employee is aware of the policy, and this avenue would allow Brenda and Susan to receive the message without being singled out. Furthermore, I would provide a written warning to both Brenda and Susan about their actions. They would be provided a first warning, and once a second warning is received, they would be sent home with no page. After the third warning, they would be fired. This would ensure that each is aware of their own responsibility and actions.

    I would then set out a few days to provide all employees with workplace violence training. This training would ensure that incidents such as this do not occur again. And, if they do, employees know who ...

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