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Victimization of Domestic Violence and Stalking

List 10 observable behaviors that may suggest possible victimization of domestic violence and stalking in the workplace.

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The following are some behaviours that may be observed in a employee or co-worker when they are the victim of domestic violence or stalking. First of all, they may come in late to work or have unexplained absences, including the excessive use of sick days. This may be because they do not feel safe leaving their house or they are unable to leave the house promptly due to fighting with their partner. One may also observe lack of concentration, since they are obviously distracted and disturbed by the conflicts in their personal life. This may then alter their job performance, and they may make mistakes. The person may have visible injuries, such as bruises or cuts. In an attempt to cover up the injuries, the person may wear excessive makeup or be wearing inappropriate clothing considering ...

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The solution discusses victimization of domestic violence and stalking. Ten observable behaviors are provided.