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Stalking and Domestic Violence in Michigan

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Alice pressed charges for domstic violence against her now ex-spouse Robert. Despite the charges, Robert is still and large and Alice is frightened. Although she has the locks changed shortly after her release from the hospital, she recently returns home to find a black rose on the kitchen counter. She receives threatening notes through e-mail in which Robert cautions her to back off and drop the charges she filed against him. He states that next time he will kill their daughter Serena as well. Alice knows that without her testimony, the prosecution would not have a case against Robert. She seriously considers taking Serena and running to another state under an assumed name to get away from Robert.

- Explain current stalking legislation in Michigan
- Describe cyberstalking, and list some safety measures Alice could take to avoid detection on the Internet.
- Walk Alice through the steps necessary to obtain a protective order.
- Address the problems inherent in obtaining the order and in enforcing it.
- Discuss the forms of relief, with reasons, Alice may request.
- Include suggestions for Alice on ways she can protect herself.
- Do a threat assessment, and advise Alice of the results.
- Recommend whether or not she should continue with the case.

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Explain current stalking legislation in Michigan

Michigan's stalking law provides that unconsented contact includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:
1. Following or appearing within sight of that individual.
2. Approaching or confronting that individual in a public place or on private property.
3. Appearing at that individual's workplace or residence.
4. Entering onto or remaining on property owned, leased, or occupied by that individual.
5. Contacting that individual by telephone.
6. Sending mail or electronic communications to that individual.
7. Placing an object on or delivering an object to property owned, leased, or occupied by that individual (NCJRS, 2012).


Describe cyberstalking, and list some safety measures Alice could take to avoid detection on the Internet.

Cyberstalking involves the use of social media devices such as smartphones, the ...

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The expert examines stalking and domestic violence in Michigan. Cyber-stalking and the safety measures Alice could take to avoid detection on the internet is examined.

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