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    Domestic violence in United States

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    This assignment will consist of a substantive piece of social policy analysis. Address the social policy issue involving Almanac of Policy Issues, ensure to include the items below:

    1.Identify the problem addressed by the policy;
    2.Examine the objectives and provisions of the policy;
    3.Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the policy; and
    4.Recommend action to implement and/or improve the policy.

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    1.Identify the problem addressed by the policy;
    The issue of domestic violence is prevalent in the United States. Domestic violence is acts of violence within families and relationships, against women, and creating negativity in families, including children. The problem is not limited to one social or economic group or race, ethnicity or age group. Twenty nine percent of all violence against women is by a single offender and she often is intimate with that person. It is estimated that four million incidents of domestic violence occur annually. Children of abused women are twice as likely to be abused than those whose mothers are not..

    2.Examine the objectives and provisions of the policy;
    The objectives:
    To stop the prevalence of ...

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    Using the Almanac of public policy site, identifying a public policy and how to improve it is examined. Domestic violence is analyzed to address the social policy issues.