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    Stalking and its Implications

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    I need help creating a topic paper (2-3 pages) discussing the following:
    Importance of recognizing the signs of stalking
    Criminal definition of stalking for your jurisdiction (cite a relevant stalking statute)
    Key facts that you felt all office personnel should know about stalking (such as the remedies designed to help a stalking victim)

    Create an intake form in addition to the topic paper that can be used to get important information from alleged victims of stalking.
    The form should require information about the nature and frequency of stalking and should determine if the elements of the crime of stalking are present.
    The form should also ask questions that will elicit answers that help indicate what type of stalking situation exists, asking such things such as is the victim is acquainted with the suspect, and if so, how; if not, how does the victim think the suspect knows or has encountered the victim? It should ask for the frequency of the annoyance and if the victim is in fear and why. Most stalking statutes require a pattern of harassment or annoyance that would make a reasonable person afraid or seriously annoyed; the form should ask something that would capture that information. The form should indicate whether there is a pending divorce or other legal matters between the 2 parties.

    Create an evaluation and assessment form in addition to the topic paper based on the intake form you have created that will help rank the seriousness of the threat from the suspect who is stalking.
    The evaluation and assessment form should indicate your familiarity with the contemporary information on what constitutes the most dangerous threat to the victim and then provide a ranking accordingly.
    Your forms should reflect contemporary information and the legal definition of the crime of stalking and what factors distinguish the most serious situations.

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    Importance of recognizing the signs of stalking

    Being capable of recognizing the signs of stalking can literally be an issue of life or death as stalking can sometime end in the death of a victim. It's imperative to recognize that most stalking occurs as a result of domestic violence or from previous relationships that have ended. Many victims of stalking were once formerly intimately involved with their stalkers, which heightens the level of danger that these victims face in regard to recognizing the signs of stalking. Stalking signs involve any conduct that would make a reasonable person believe that they are threatened with bodily injury or death as a result of the actions of the stalker wherein the victim has a reasonable reason to believe that these actions are directed at them or their family members. Therefore, any signs of potential stalking must be recognized ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of recognizing the signs of stalking and the criminal definition of stalking.