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What you consider to be your own leadership style?

Leadership Style

What do you consider to be your own leadership style? Using examples, also discuss the various strategies and interventions that you have found successful in motivating and influencing people to accomplish certain goals.

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Leadership styles
Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. (Nwlink, 2009) The style that individuals use will be based on a combination of their beliefs, values and preferences, as well as the organizational culture and norms which will encourage some styles and discourage others. There are a number of different approaches, or 'styles' to leadership and management that are based on different assumptions and theories:

* Charismatic Leadership
* Participative Leadership
* Situational Leadership
* Transactional Leadership
* Transformational Leadership
* ...

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This solution discusses the different approached or 'styles' to leadership and discusses situational leadership and steps that a situational leader would tak in motivating a subordinate.