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    Successful Leadership and Succession Planning

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    Can someone explain a few components that are necessary for successful leadership overall and successor transitions?

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    Leadership is a multi-faceted subject. It has been reviewed from different lenses by different leadership experts. Over the years, there have been different studies on key leadership traits for success. Others have argued that leadership is about inborn ability and others argued otherwise. For example, John Adair's action centred leadership argued that leadership is a "trainable skill, rather than inborn ability." (Cameron and Green,2008).
    In general, successful leaders have the ability to motivate and inspire others to achieve a certain goal. The followers may not initially like it but the leader paints a great picture of what the future could be if they follow a certain course. Successful leadership is about challenging the status quo to bring positive change, inspiring others towards a vision, and being innovative/creative in ones solutions.
    In the book Making Sense Of Leadership—Exploring The Five Key Roles Used By Effective Leaders, Esther Cameron and Mike Green referenced Stogdill (1974) traits critical to leaders:
     Adaptable to situations
     Alert to social environment
     Ambitious and achievement-orientated
     Assertive
     Cooperative
     Decisive
     Dependable
     Dominant (desire to influence others)
     Energetic (high activity level)
     Persistent
     Self-confident
    It is ...

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    This post is about a few key things that are found in successful leaders and the importance of continuity through succession planning. 782 words with references.