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Hexadecimal Company Case Analysis


I have purchased other solutions for organizational development from the solution library and still feel I do not have enough to get me going.

Please do not give me info from the solution library because I already have it.

Please read attached Hexadecimal Company Case with Case Analysis Format and Please be very detailed and complete.

1. You are to act as an OD practitioner who has landed the Hexadecimal Company as a client.

2. Create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format as attached to get you started, however you are expected to expand on the subject completely explaining how you have examined the situation and proving your analysis as why you have come to your conclusion.

3. Feel free to use outside sources however you must list your sources

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Name: The Hexadecimal Company

I. Problems

A. Macro
1. The company is facing strong competition from companies that have facilities in the cheaper labor markets in other countries. Even though the company has now moved onto advanced electronics it is doubtful if the company has retained all its employees from the electromechanical assembly days.

2. Even though the company has been experienced rapid growth, there are organization problems in the company that have not been mentioned. Otherwise, why would Zoltan have brought in the professor as an OD practitioner?

B. Micro
1. The perception of the OD group members in the organization is not correct. To bring about any positive change the OD group must be positioned as equals to others and not "hot shots". The organization cannot empathize with hot shots and so there is a barrier between the OD group and the organization. The 'they' and 'us' conflict has emerged;

2. The second Micro level problems are the conflicts within the group. There was a polarization between the group of ...

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This case analysis relates to the Hexadecimal Company. It analysis the problems, causes, systems effected and alternatives.