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    Hexadecimal Company

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    Read The Hexadecimal Company Case in Chapter 6 of your text. You are to act as an OD practitioner who has landed the Hexadecimal Company as a client. Create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format as it appears on page 182 of your text. You can add additional space to this format if you need room to fully explain or examine Hexadecimal Company management.

    Instructor Comments:

    You are being called in as the OD practitioner to try and identify problems, causes, systems affected, alternatives and recommendations as a consequence of a rather short lived internal OD group intervention. Notice that the case analysis form found on page 182 of your textbook examines the situation on a macro and a micro level. This is a great exercise and I hope you enjoy it. Remember to look at the underlying issues behind some of these problems as that is one of the biggest things about organizational development. You are given a lot of facts, but there are always under currents so think about those under currents as you respond to the questions on the case analysis form.

    Best papers:

    Your final paper will closely resemble the case analysis form, utilizing the headings and subheadings indicated. Be complete in your work, and remember to provide justification.

    MGT420 Unit 2 DB

    You must complete the activity in class materials to complete this assignment. Go to multimedia course materials, Unit 2, click on the activity button, and follow the directions in the activity. After completion of the activity answer the following questions:

    1. Review your work and the model answer. What accounts for any noticeable differences between the two? (1 paragraph)
    2. Are both interpretations valid? Why or why not? (1 to 2 paragraphs)
    3. What action change program would you recommend implementing at the Old Family Bank and why? (1 to 2 paragraphs)

    Instructor Comments:

    Once again you are asked to do the activity in the multimedia area of the course. You are being given an opportunity to compare your answer to the model answer and identify the noticeable differences between the two and then critiquing both your interpretation as well as the model answer interpretation for validity. Finally you are to conclude by discussing what action change program you would recommend implementing at the Old Family Bank and why. This is a very interesting exercise.

    NOTE: you do NOT use the case study analysis form or format to answer the discussion question.

    Best responses:

    1. Will have headings (and subheadings where appropriate) for each of the three questions
    2. Utilize research as identified in the Instructor Expectations under Virtual Tools/DB Grading criteria (which describes how to earn A, High B, etc.) and in proper APA format.
    3. Ensure that you have at least one substantive reaction, as defined in the Instructor Expectations, to one learner that contributes to an in depth discussion.

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    Name: _____________________________________

    I. Problems
    A. Macro
    1. __There was low acceptance of the OD A group in the organization. __________________________________________________________________
    2. ___The evaluation of the training provided by some departments and managers was highly negative. _________________________________________________________________

    B. Micro
    1. _Half of the group namely Pete, George and Bill waned to take a confrontational approach; however, the others namely Indar and Kay wanted to take a slower approach. In other words there was a conflict. ___________________________________________________________________
    2. ___Zoltan showed partiality in dealing with the group. He welcomed Kay and Indar, whereas, he avoided meeting with Pete, George and Bill. _________________________________________________________________
    II. Causes
    1. a _The cause of low acceptance was that the OD A group was introduced as hot-shots that had the support of Zoltan. _______________________________________________________________________
    2. ___b. Another cause was that Zoltan's interest in the group waned and his support also receded._____________________________________________________________________
    3. ___c. The charging of $700,000 per year to overhead was not acceptable to several departments. The managers began to resent the increased overhead. _____________________________________________________________________
    III. Systems affected
    1. Structural __The OD A group would now report to Paul Blake. The person who would interact with most departments was Indar Kripalani. ...

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